When To Send Thank You Note?

Send a thank-you note after receiving a gift, job interview, scholarship, hospitality, or help. Thank the person and mention what you appreciate, but don't criticize those who don't follow this etiquette.

1. After Receiving a Gift

old lady giving gift to a fresh graduate
Old lady giving gift to a fresh graduate

Always send a thank you note after receiving a gift. The only exception is when the gift giver is a very close friend or family member. Whether you’re receiving a birthday gift, a graduation gift, a baby shower gift, or any other, make sure to note down the name of the person who gave it to you. You should include their name, thank them for that specific gift, and say how you will use it.

Send the thank you card as soon as possible. But if it’s for a wedding gift, you can send it one to two months after the wedding. This gives you time to rest for the honeymoon and to open all the gifts.

2. After Being a Guest at an Event

Sending a thank you note to the host after attending an event is a lovely gesture, but it is optional. Include details about what you liked the most in the event. It can be the toast at a dinner party or the food at a birthday party.

Ideally, send after a week post-event. But if you can’t send it within that time frame, it’s better late than never.

3. After Receiving a Job Interview

Sending a thank you email after a job interview is a must. It will make you stand out from the other candidates and leave a good impression. You can also send a handwritten note through snail mail. Still, send the email within 24 hours since it is faster.

Address the hiring manager with their name spelled correctly and express gratitude for their time. Then, highlight what you liked about the organization and the interview and what you can bring to the table. Finish leaving your contact information so they can ask questions and follow up.

4. After Receiving a Scholarship or Award

If you’ve received a scholarship or award, send an email or a handwritten thank you card to the donor and/or organization. This inspires them to continue providing this aid.

Besides thanking the donor, tell them about the scholarship’s impact on your life and your plans for the future. Plus, some scholarships only last a year, which will help when you need to reapply.

5. After Receiving Condolences

You can send a note thanking the people who supported you during the death of a loved one. Don’t worry about taking too long after the funeral to write them. Take your time to grieve. If you need it, ask someone to help you. You can also write a post on social media, acknowledging everyone.

The note can be on behalf of your family. Just make sure to include your last name or the deceased’s name.

6. After Receiving a Recommendation Letter

After you receive your recommendation letter, send the thank you note within a day. Thank them for taking the time to write the letter and for the kind words. Update them on the job application process if possible.

7. After Receiving a Donation

Send a thank you card to donors one to two days after receipt. This can help you in retaining donors. Remind them how impactful their donation is. But don’t ask them for new donations right now. Write a personal note. Handwritten thank yous make all the difference.

8. After Receiving Help or Assistance

Thank someone who helped you with a brief note. Try to send the note shortly after their help or favor to you. Mention in the note what was their act of kindness and how it helped you. This will make them feel valued.

9. After Receiving a Birthday Wish

adults celebrating birthday
Adults celebrating birthday

Express your gratitude for happy birthday wishes with a thank you note. The best day to send it is the day after your birthday. This will let you enjoy your birthday as an adult or youngster.

It doesn’t have to be handwritten if the person only text messaged you. Just message them back. But if the person got you a birthday card, it’s only logical you send them another one.

10. After Receiving Professional Mentoring

A thank you note goes a long way in acknowledging your mentor’s guidance. Mention the tips and insights that helped you the most. This will let them know what mentoring methods work best. It will also make them more motivated to mentor other people.

11. After Receiving Hospitality

Welcoming someone into your home is not a simple decision. That’s why you should send your host a heartfelt thank you note. Include specific examples of how they made you comfortable. They will love knowing their efforts were appreciated.

Is it rude not to send a thank you note?

Most people consider it rude. Even if you thanked them in person, you should send a thank you note. You don’t have to send it for everything, but do it when you know the person made an effort and gave you some of their time. Whether it was choosing a gift or helping you with something, they will appreciate your recognition.

But remember not to criticize anyone for not sending a thank you note. They may not have the time, or they may not know that this is proper etiquette. Etiquette is still very much elitist, and not everyone has access to it.

Ana C.

Ana C. is an artistic writer who loves shaping language around her message. For her, etiquette is about respecting everyone and spreading kindness. She loves hanging out with goats, analyzing TV shows, and eating feijoada with farofa.

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