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Editor – Khushboo

Khushboo is all about spreading kindness, respect, and social grace. As the Editor, she upholds the highest standards to ensure our content remains relevant and applicable to you in the digital age. When not guiding writers and editing articles, you can find her reading a book or strumming a ukulele.

Ana C.

Ana C. is an artistic writer who loves shaping language around her message. For her, etiquette is about respecting everyone and spreading kindness. She loves hanging out with goats, analyzing TV shows, and eating feijoada with farofa.


Jack is a writer based in west London, England. He is a keen traveller, and has a particular interest in the fascinating differences in etiquette across the world. When not writing, he can be found dreaming up his next trip to far off places.


Tabitha is a curious and enthusiastic writer who believes in the power of words and the importance of good manners. Etiquette is her passion, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.


Margaret is a passionate writer based in Costa Rica, though she was raised in the southeastern US. Being from the South, good manners and proper etiquette were ingrained in her from a young age and she has always been fascinated with etiquette in different settings and places. When she is not writing, you can find her exercising, reading, or spending time with her family at the beach.


Randell loves paying attention to the small details while keeping the big picture in mind. He was mentored in a private school for boys with focus on achieving a balance between academics and life skills. More than knowing the proper things to do and say, he believes what’s important is seeing the kindness of every soul and the uniqueness of situations.