11 Post-Wedding Brunch Etiquette

Post-Wedding Brunch Etiquette
Plan a memorable post-wedding brunch by assigning responsibility, setting a budget, selecting a venue, and considering the guest list. Choose a dress code, serve a diverse menu, add entertainment, and express gratitude with favors and thank-you cards.

1. Who’s in charge of the brunch?

When hosting an after-wedding brunch, the responsibility typically falls on the couple or their family members. But knowing that the bride and groom will be occupied by other things (e.g., post-wedding trip), they’re always welcome to delegate the task to trusted loved ones.

They can also enlist the help of an event planner or a wedding planner. While planning, consider other people’s schedules and travel plans, especially if you’re having a destination wedding.

2. How to plan a post-wedding brunch?

Wedding planning — and planning for all other activities related to your nuptials, such as the rehearsal dinner and engagement party — is an exciting yet overwhelming task. But if you want to add an extra touch of joy to your big day, gearing up for a memorable post-wedding is essential.

Establish a budget factoring in the guest list, venue, decorations, entertainment, and other expenses. Sticking with it is important because this affair is just one part of your wedding expenses.

Then, select a date and time, scout for a venue, plan the menu, and send out the brunch invitations (We’ll delve into more on these later).

The other vital task is coordinating the logistics. What are the transportation options? Are there parking spaces available? Do you have guests with mobility concerns? Where will you get your vendors, and what are their requirements? Consider all these so you can fully enjoy the main event itself.

3. Whom to invite?

You must carefully pin down your guest list to make your post-wedding brunch enjoyable. While inviting all the guests is unnecessary, it’s a thoughtful gesture. Especially if your budget allows it and you’re holding your wedding somewhere far, extending an invitation to your out-of-town guests is highly appreciated.

But if there are constraints — financial or otherwise — begin with inviting immediate family members, such as your parents, grandparents, and siblings. Also, include your closest friends.

Additionally, it’s customary to invite your wedding party (including your bridesmaids and groomsmen) and their plus-ones to show appreciation for them playing a significant role in your wedding day.

Typically, you must include the event’s details in your wedding brunch invitation or through a dedicated page on your wedding website. Include an RSVP card or form to help you manage the guest count better.

4. Clear communication and delegation

Regardless of who hosts the event, clear communication is significant. If the host isn’t you, they must be in close contact with you.

On the other hand, you must relay your vision, preferences, and other particular details to them. This will help you guarantee a brunch that’s pleasant for everyone.

5. Post-wedding brunch location ideas

brunch table setting
brunch table setting

Consider the budget, guest count, atmosphere, and logistical capacity.

One of your options is a restaurant — it’s utterly convenient, and you can expect highly professional service. You won’t need to worry over setup and cleanup, but the downside is that it may come with limited customization options and can be pricier.

Another choice is a park or an outdoor space. This setting offers a refreshing atmosphere and ample space for you and your guests to socialize. However, it can be very weather-dependent. Plus, it demands additional logistical arrangements.

For a personal touch, consider doing it at home. It has better flexibility in terms of decor and menu choices. You and your guests will also be at ease because you’ll be in a familiar environment.

If you have a destination wedding, you might also want to have your wedding venue as the venue for your brunch. It offers continuity and convenience, and you could leverage package deals. However, remember that availability may vary, and the atmosphere may feel more formal.

6. Morning after or the weekend after?

Many couples hold this event in the morning on the next day following their wedding. But as you want it to be a lovely way of extending the festivities, remember that some guests may have late-night celebrations or travel arrangements.

If you want to offer more flexibility to your guests, plan it for the weekend after the wedding. It will give them enough time to rest or make travel arrangements if needed.

To ensure a relaxed vibe, consider a drop-in setup where guests can come at their convenience. Just designate a timeframe that will be amenable to you, your vendors, and your attendees. The sweet time spot for brunch is from 11 a.m. to early afternoon (around 3 p.m.).

7. Who should pay for the post-wedding brunch?

From the wedding dress to professional photographers to the wedding reception, many expense items are divided among the couple and their parents. If you’re wondering who will shoulder brunch expenses, it’s usually the host.

So, if you and your partner will host the event, you must also cover its costs. On many occasions, parents or other close family members also offer to host and take care of the expenses of a farewell brunch.

Many brunches are held today, with multiple parties chipping in for the cost. The key here is to have a dedicated account and have honest discussions on how the expenses will be divided (or how much is still needed even after everyone has contributed).

8. Dress code

Any wedding event requires a certain dress code, including your post-nuptials brunch. This will depend on your preference and the type of attire the location requires.

For example, you can have a casual dress code to allow attendees to be as comfortable as possible. This is highly suitable for a laid-back gathering.

While if you want a touch of elegance, opt for semi-formal attire. Think of cocktail dresses, dress pants, or skirts paired with fancier tops. For a more sophisticated ambiance, a formal dress code is in order.

Whatever your choice is, you must clearly relay it to your guests. Provide specific instructions and examples of appropriate attire to avoid confusion.

9. Meal ideas

person filling his plate with food
Person filling his plate with food

You can serve buffet-style meals and give your guests the liberty to choose from various brunch menu options. They can also customize their plate according to their dietary restrictions and allergies.

On the other hand, a sit-down meal is a more convenient way of serving your guests. Like a buffet option, you must widen your menu and consider any restrictions your guests may have.

Usually, brunch items include scrambled eggs, omelets, frittatas, roasted potatoes, bacon, sausages, waffles, bagels with assorted spreads, fresh fruit, donuts, and other artisan pastries. Add vegan and gluten-free options to cater to various preferences.

You can also add an interactive station where guests can create their own culinary pieces. A bagel bar with various spreads and toppings will be a clear hit; a bloody mary or mimosa bar allows guests to customize their drinks.

10. Entertainment options

Think of after-wedding brunches as a continuation of your wedding ideas. You have many options if you want to keep your guests engaged and create a lively atmosphere for this gathering.

The simplest will be to play background music that sets a pleasant ambiance across the venue. Create a playlist featuring music genres that complement the mood you want to create (it could be soft jazz, acoustic covers, or more upbeat pop tunes). You can further elevate the atmosphere by hiring a live band, a pianist, or a string quartet.

You can also prepare lawn games, particularly if your brunch is in an outdoor environment. To document your memories, have a photo booth ready and complete it with props and a backdrop. As stated above, you can also set up interactive food stations.

11. Thanking guests and making them feel extra special

Showing gratitude to those who made time for your post-wedding brunch is important. You can take this time to dole out your wedding favors here and add a thank-you tag for a personal touch.

You can also send out personalized thank you cards after the event and include a heartfelt message about how their presence in your wedding — and after-wedding gathering — means to you and your significant other.

Doing all this will help strengthen your bonds and make them feel valued as they join you in welcoming a brand-new chapter in your lives.

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