10 Gift-Giving Etiquette for Housewarming

Gift-Giving Etiquette for Housewarming
Consider the recipient's lifestyle, usability, and consequences for a good housewarming gift.  Prefer thoughtful gift cards over cash. Personalized and DIY gifts are exclusive, which shows consideration. But if unsure, ask your loved one.

1. Consider Their Lifestyle

Think about what the person wants to receive, not what you would like in your home. You might love a nice bottle of wine, but maybe the person doesn’t drink. That’s why you should think about their personality and taste first.

The housewarming gift could be related to a hobby, some decor item with their style, or something for their pets or children. Basically, reflect on their lifestyle and life stage.

2. Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

The best housewarming gifts are the ones that are actually useful for the recipient. Here are some great gift ideas for the first time you visit someone’s new house:

A Practical Key HolderThey won’t lose their keys around their new house. Key racks can also serve as decoration since they have many styles and themes.
A Cute MugYou can never have enough mugs. And with so many cute designs, this gift will be used daily.
A Punctual ClockYou can gift this to that friend who is always late. But don’t be too obvious about it!
An Elegant Table LinenThis is one thing that is often overlooked when you’re moving. But it can easily ornament a dining room.
A Versatile BowlYou can use a bowl to cook or decorate a table with fruits.

3. Gifts to Avoid

The most disappointing gifts are the ones not chosen with any consideration. Here are the gifts you shouldn’t give at a housewarming party:

Expensive GiftsToo costly gifts will make the new homeowners uncomfortable and feel indebted to you. Keep your housewarming gift budget from $25 to $50.
Used Household ItemsUsed items feel more like charity. So, don’t give this present unless it’s a family thing.
AlcoholMaybe the person doesn’t drink. Also, their taste may differ from yours. So, you might give dry wine to someone who only likes sweet wine.
A HouseplantWhat if the person doesn’t have time or doesn’t like plants? Not everyone has a green thumb.
ArtPeople only want art with their specific style in their homes. So you would need to check. But if you give a painting anyway, give them the gift receipt.
Gag GiftsPeople don’t have the same sense of humor. And they probably won’t use it.
PetsPets are a lifetime responsibility. Having one is not a decision someone else can make for you.

4. Gifting Cash

handing over a gift card
Handing over a gift card

Gifting cash and gift cards can give the impression that you didn’t care enough about the gift and the recipient. But it can be a great option if you don’t know their personal style or know they would like to pick the item themselves.

So, if you have to choose between these two, go for the gift card. Make an effort to select the best decor or home improvement retailer to get the gift card. And tell them in a nice card why you picked it. This will seem way more thoughtful.

5. Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts will make the new house feel more like home. They will also show how much thought you put into this gift, especially for this loved one. Monogrammed towels or a customized photo frame are fantastic options.

6. Do It Yourself

Homemade items are really thoughtful gifts. They take time and effort and show how much you care. Craft DIY gifts like paintings, crochet rugs, and pottery items.

But remember, homemade gifts are not the best unless you’re an artist. This is because they will feel compelled to display the gift, even if it’s not their style or they don’t like it.

7. Ask If You Can

If you have a personal relationship, you can ask them what they need or want. Traditional housewarming etiquette rules say people shouldn’t have a gift registry for this. But moving into a new space and tipping the real estate agent costs a lot of money so something may be missing from their home.

I’m sure you’ll give them the perfect gift if you know their real needs. But it will probably embarrass the person if you aren’t a close friend or family member.

8. Group Gifting

Gifting in a group is a brilliant solution for buying a more expensive gift or splitting the cost when you don’t have the funds. This is great for a close friend circle who wants to give a more elaborate gift at a housewarming get-together. But remember, everyone needs to sign the gift note so the person knows who was involved.

9. Packaging and Presentation

presenting a wrapped gift box
Presenting a wrapped gift box

The new homeowner will certainly organize the house to make a good impression on your first visit. So, you need to make a good impression with your gift. Get a nice wrapping with their style to make them feel special.

10. Add a Note

Always include a note when you’re gifting someone. Write about how you wish them well and how you would like them to enjoy their new home. A card makes anyone feel more loved. Remember to sign it in your name or include the names of the people who gave the gift as a group or family.

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