7 Must-Know Rules For Gifting Real Estate Agent

Rules for gifting real estate agent
When gifting real estate agents, consider their brokerage's policies on gifts and avoid anything too personal. Show appreciation with items like branded swag or gift cards, and personalize the gift with a handwritten note. Avoid giving cash, extravagant gifts, or anything perceived as a bribe.

1. Learn the RESPA regulations in your area

It is always a good idea to consult with a real estate attorney or other qualified professionals in your area. Consulting will help you comply with local regulations and laws related to real estate transactions.

According to RESPA, real estate agents can receive limited gifts from clients or other parties involved. It must be a genuine expression of gratitude or appreciation. The gift cannot be given in exchange for a referral or as part of a quid pro quo arrangement. This means the gift cannot be given with the expectation of receiving something in return.

Additionally, the value of the gift must be reasonable and cannot exceed the market value for similar items or services in the area. The closing gift should not be in the form of cash or any other form of compensation that could be seen as a bribe.

2. Referrals and testimonials are the best gifts

Referrals and testimonials can help an agent to build a reputation and generate new business. Referrals from satisfied clients can lead to new leads and potential clients, while testimonials can help to establish the agent as a credible and trustworthy professional in the industry.

Pro Tip: You can ask for their business cards to give to your friends and family who’re on a house or property hunt.

In this digital age, online reviews can be a powerful tool to help boost an agent’s reputation. Writing a positive review is the best closing gift if the realtor has a social media page or website.

3. Make it customized

A customized gift can be a great way to show a realtor you appreciate them. If you know what the agent likes or their hobby or interest, getting something related to this can be helpful. For example, if they like golfing, then consider getting them golfing accessories.

4. Monetary gifts should go into brokerage as part of sale

While monetary gifts may be well-intentioned, they can create conflicts of interest and violate ethical and legal standards. Avoid offering monetary closing gifts or incentives to realtors and instead focus on providing positive feedback for their services.

5. Don’t get too personal

After getting a new home, it can be tempting to get too personal when gifting your realtor. But remember, realtors are professionals, and you should maintain a formal relationship with them. Avoid giving gifts that are too personal, such as clothing or jewelry.

Some appropriate gift ideas for realtors include:

  • A gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop.
  • A small plant or flower arrangement.
  • A personalized notepad or planner.
  • A set of high-quality pens or desk accessories.
  • A gift basket of gourmet treats or snacks.

6. Nothing expensive, please

Giving expensive closing gifts to a real estate agent could be seen as an attempt to influence their behavior or decisions. It could be perceived as a bribe to sway their opinion or to gain preferential treatment.

Accepting expensive gifts could create a conflict of interest for the real estate agent. They might feel obligated to prioritize the interests of the gift giver over other clients, which could compromise their professionalism and ethics.

Realtors are paid for their services, and it is not required or expected to give them gifts.

7. When in doubt, thank you cards work best

thank you card
Thank you card is considered a standard real estate gift

A thank you card is a thoughtful gift to show appreciation for the realtor’s hard work. Words stick in people’s minds, and a simple “thank you” in a card can go a long way. Too many words can be overwhelming, so keep the message short of creating a lasting impression.

Is it proper etiquette to give a realtor a gift?

Giving a realtor a gift is not necessary, but it is a kind gesture to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication in helping you find a home.

If you decide to give a gift, it should be done after closing the sale to avoid any conflict of interest. Some real estate companies have policies prohibiting their agents from accepting gifts, so it’s best to first check with the agent’s broker or the company’s policy. 

What are some of the most popular thank-you gifts for realtors?

There are several popular thank-you gifts for realtors that you can consider, depending on your budget and the preferences of the realtor you want to thank. Consider the following:

  • Gift baskets filled with gourmet treats, a bottle of wine, or other luxury items can be a great way to show appreciation.
  • A personalized gift such as a custom sign or a coffee mug with the realtor’s name.
  • Realtors often have a keen eye for home decor. You can gift them something beautiful for home improvement, such as a high-quality throw pillow or a beautiful piece of wall art.
  • If your realtor is tech-savvy, consider giving them a high-tech gift, such as a smart speaker or a smartwatch.
  • An Amazon gift card or a gift certificate.
  • If your realtor works out of an office, consider gifting them some stylish office supplies, such as a beautiful pen set or a high-quality notebook.
  • A spa day or a weekend getaway is an excellent gift to show appreciation for their hard work.


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