11 Women’s Golf Attire Etiquette Rules

Women’s Golf Attire Etiquette
On golf course, women should wear shorts, skirts, or skorts with collared shirts and golf shoes. You can wear a jacket or a sweater with other layers of clothing if it's too cold or raining. Remember, private golf courses are way more severe with these rules.

1. Dress code basics for women

The general dress code for women’s golf attire is to wear pants, skirts, shorts, and a polo shirt. Denim is not appropriate or comfortable.

Private golf courses are more rigorous with bottom length than public golf courses. Golfers can only wear skorts, skirts, and shorts with specific inches above the knee. This is also true for golf dresses. Public golf courses are more flexible yet don’t allow jogging shorts and cargo shorts, especially in denim.

Female golfers can wear shirts with no collar on a public course, but they can’t wear tank tops or T-shirts. If you don’t want to wear a collared shirt to a private club, wear a designer one.

2. Top it off with style

Female golfers can wear shirts with or without collars as long as it has sleeves. If you wear a sleeveless shirt, make sure it has a collar. You can also wear a button-down shirt with a collar. I prefer short sleeves shirts with collars, as these are more traditional. Tuck in your golf shirt if it is long enough. If it isn’t, it can’t be above your beltline at any time.

3. The perfect bottom

women bottom wear for golf course
Women bottom wear for golf course

Most private golf courses have knee-length requirements for shorts, golf skirts, and skorts. Other bottom golf clothing for girls are capris and slacks. Denim bottoms aren’t proper golf attire and don’t allow you to move.

4. Tee time footwear

men and women's golf shoes
Men’s and women’s golf shoes

Proper women’s golf shoes can be spikeless or spiked. Even sneakers are allowed on most golf courses. But golf-specific shoes have a better grip and allow you to have a better swing. If you wear sneakers, choose ones that don’t make you slip.

Historically, spiked golf shoes were a must for all golf courses. Today, there are spikeless golf shoes that provide almost the same traction the spikes do while doubling comfort. They are studded to keep you in place.

5. Accessories to go with

To protect yourself from sunbeams, wear visors. Sunglasses are other protective accessories you can now wear.

Headwears include caps and brimmed sun hats. Beanies, fedoras, and cowboy hats are a no-no. Remember you shouldn’t wear your headwear inside the clubhouse.

You can wear golf gloves on your non-dominant hands to protect your hands from calluses. It’s tradition to hide your socks and wear belts that match your pants or shoes. And don’t forget your golf bag to keep your equipment.

6. Weather considerations

In the winter, layer up with insulated pants and fitted long-sleeve shirts beneath your golf clothing. You can wear jackets, sweaters, turtlenecks or mock turtles, or windbreakers on top. But don’t wear sweatshirts with hoods. When it’s raining, wear hats and raincoats.

7. Tournaments wear

When at a golf game tournament, you can wear basically the same thing you would wear to a regular golf course. If you’re playing, wear a golf shirt and golf skorts, skirts, pants, or shorts. Don’t wear shoes with metal spikes; prefer soft spiked golf shoes. Never wear jeans or workout clothes.

If you’re there to watch, you can even wear a sundress, hoodies, and blouses. Just avoid T-shirts with too much information, like ads and graphics, and tube tops.

8. Golf clubs and resorts

The golf dress code in women’s golf clubs and resorts is more strict. It doesn’t allow halter tops, T-shirts, or tank tops. You need a collared shirt. They also don’t let you wear sweatpants, cut-offs, flip-flops, or bathing suits. You have to follow basic golf attire manners.

Some clubs and resorts have more or less strict rules for women’s golf clothing. So research the dress code requirements before you attract negative attention when visiting these places.

9. Women’s golf leagues

Women’s golf leagues have specific and very strict dress codes for their professional golf players. The LPGA, for example, doesn’t allow “plunging necklines,” short bottoms, leggings that are not under skorts or shorts, or a racerback with no collar. Players who don’t follow these rules have to pay $1,000 in penalties, which double with each offense.

10. Golf special events

If you have a company outing to golf courses or charity golf tournaments to go to, you need to follow the golf course dress code. Don’t wear tank tops or denim. You can wear windbreakers, sweaters, and collared shirts. Skirts, pants, or shorts are also appropriate. Wear non-slip shoes, if you don’t have golf shoes.

11. Fashion for the golf course

Comfort is in. More and more professional golf players have been wearing comfy golf outfits, like slim-fit pants and hoodies. Vests, saddle shoes, colorful clothes, and cardigans are other desired female apparel in golf fashion.

You can follow these trends while still adhering to girl’s golf attire etiquette by buying from golf clothing brands, which consider these rules in their designs.

Why follow the golf dress code?

tThree females talking in golf attire
Three females talking in golf attire

Being respectful to other players and course staff is good golf course etiquette. Respecting dress course rules is also important since no woman will feel different for not having the same clothes as everyone else.

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