10 Strip Club Etiquette Guide

Strip Club Etiquette
Strip club etiquette includes respect for dancers and staff, tipping generously, keeping hands to oneself, and following club rules. Avoid taking photos/videos and follow the club's dress code. Don't overdrink or cause trouble. Always ask for permission before touching or making physical contact with dancers.

1. Dress The Part

Strip clubs have a dress code enforced to maintain a certain level of decorum. While some clubs may allow more revealing clothing, it’s good to err on the side of caution and dress conservatively.

If you’re unsure what to wear, call the club beforehand to inquire about their dress code. Avoid wearing sweatpants and overly revealing or provocative clothing. Opt for more conservative attire, such as casual jeans or slacks paired with a collared shirt or blouse. 

2. Respect The Talent

Treat the dancers and staff with dignity when visiting a gentlemen’s club. It is acceptable to ask for a lap dance from a dancer politely and respectfully. They have the right to refuse a dance, and if a dancer politely declines your request, accept their decision.

Dancers can also ask to dance with you. If you’re not interested, politely refuse to have a dance with a stripper. 

Touching a dancer without consent is a no-no; don’t ask for sexual favors. Dancers are professionals who provide a service; you should treat them with the same level of respect as any other service provider.

3. Follow Club Rules and Policies

Before you set foot in a club, familiarize yourself with the strip club’s rules and policies. For example, many adult entertainment clubs have specific dress code requirements. If you are denied entry by a bouncer because of your clothing or behavior, do not argue; leave immediately. 

If you are allowed into a club, respect the rules. If there is a cover charge to enter, pay it. If there is an age restriction for entry, ensure you meet this requirement before entering.

4. Know Your Alcohol Limits

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three friends drinking alcohol and having fun

Be responsible when consuming alcohol in any social setting, including strip clubs. Excessive alcohol consumption can impair judgment, reduce inhibitions, and lead to risky behavior.

This could lead to dangerous situations for yourself and others. It’s also good to stay aware of your surroundings and avoid confrontations with other patrons or staff.

Know your limits and pace yourself when drinking. If you feel too intoxicated, leave the club and seek a safe environment.

5. Respect Other Patrons

While at a club, respect other patrons and performers. Making unwanted advances or comments is disrespectful and creates a hostile, uncomfortable environment. 

Always ask for consent and respect the answer given. You are there to have fun and others too. Don’t spoil it by being rude and breaking the etiquette rules.

6. Tip Big And In Cash

Tipping allows you to show appreciation for the dancer’s and staff’s hard work. Strip clubs are not sporting events where you can sit back and watch the action. As a patron, you should participate in the club’s entertainment. Here are some tips for tipping:

  • Tip in cash: Like tattoo artists and bartenders, strippers prefer cash tips. A good rule of thumb is to tip the stripper more than $5. Tip more for private dances.
  • Be aware of club rules: Some clubs have specific rules regarding tipping. Ensure you know these rules before you start tipping.
  • Tip early: Don’t wait until the end of the night to start tipping. Tip early and often to help the stripper to relax and enjoy without worrying about earning an income for the rest of her shift.
  • Be discreet:  Be discreet when tipping in a club. Fold your dollar bills and discreetly place them in the dancer’s or staff member’s hand.

7. No Photos Or Videos

It may be tempting to take photos or record videos for personal or social media use. But remember that other patrons and dancers have a right to privacy and may not want their images or actions recorded without permission.

Always check with the club staff or management before taking any photos or videos to ensure that you are following their rules and respecting the privacy of others.

8. Cash Is King

Using cash when paying for services at a strip club is always good. You can limit the amount of money you will spend at the club. This can help to prevent fraudulent or unauthorized charges on your credit card. 

If you decide to use a credit card, keep a close eye on your account to ensure no unauthorized charges are imposed. 

9. Keep Track Of Your Belongings

While enjoying the entertainment, always keep an eye on your belongings. Keep your valuables, such as wallets, purses, and mobile phones, in a secure location. You can carry a bag that you can keep close to your body.

Be aware of your surroundings and any suspicious activity that may occur. Don’t hesitate to alert the bouncers if you see anything suspicious. 

10. Exit If Uncomfortable

If you feel uncomfortable or witness inappropriate behavior, you should prioritize your safety and well-being. Leave the club immediately.

If you witness or experience inappropriate behavior, report it to the staff or authorities. This can help ensure they take appropriate action to address the situation and prevent it from happening to others.

Is it appropriate to bring a date?

The appropriateness of bringing a date to a strip club depends on various factors, including your and your date’s preferences and values. Some people may find it fun, while others may feel uncomfortable or offended by the atmosphere and activities.

Communicate with your date beforehand and discuss their feelings about it. If they are open to the idea, establish clear boundaries and respect their comfort throughout the experience.

Consider the potential consequences of going to a strip club with your date. If either of you has strict moral or religious beliefs, it could cause tension or conflict. It could also impact your relationship or how others perceive you as a couple.


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