12 Poker Etiquette and Rules

Poker Etiquette
Poker players shouldn’t touch other players’ cards, try to trick other players, or berate them. Don’t cheat or get drunk and be respectful to the dealer and the staff. Keep a poker face and focus on your game to win the pot.

1. Follow the Rules of the Game

Before playing, understand basic poker rules since most poker games use some of them. Check a beginner’s guide beforehand.

Knowing big and small blinds and antes are mandatory bets, what are the best poker hands, and how to rank them is essential for any poker player. For example, you can’t say you know how to play poker if you go all in on a limited poker game.

2. Don’t Cheat

Don’t bend or break poker rules. Actually learn the rules, and you won’t need this unfair advantage. Cheating will harm your reputation since other players won’t trust you anymore. You could lose your chips or even be banned from the casino.

3. Be Respectful

Avoid trash-talking or belittling other players. This will create a negative atmosphere in the poker room, and they will be more motivated to make you lose.

Of course celebrate your wins, but there is a fine line between celebrating and gloating. Don’t gloat. Pay attention to your choice of words, voice tone, and body language. And remember to stay humble. You may win today and lose tomorrow.

4. Keep Your Emotions in Check

Keep your poker face. Showing anger or frustration will only harm your game. This will show other players you’re running badly. If you seem too excited, the other players will know you have a strong hand and will fold. This won’t let you make as much money.

Also, don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Don’t get too happy if you think you have the winning hand. You may still lose the game. Poker is a game of strategy, so make decisions wisely.

5. Act in turn

No one likes stallers. So be ready to act when it’s your turn. Pay attention to the movements at the poker table so you don’t have to keep asking what the other players did. You can think about what will be your next move before it’s your turn. This will help you not take too long to make decisions.

6. Don’t angle shoot

Wait for your turn to act. Acting before your turn is rude and causes confusion. You shouldn’t try to influence other players’ decisions out of turn. This is a violation of poker etiquette called angle shooting.

For example, if you pretend you have a winning hand before a showdown. A string bet, when you slide your chips in installments, is also a good example. Since this can be used to see your opponent’s reaction to your bet. This practice is prohibited in casino poker.

Also, don’t take too long to show your hand if you’ve got the best hand. This makes other players think they will win. This is known as slow-rolling and is disrespectful to other players.

7. Respect the Dealer

poker dealer
Poker dealer

Quarelling with the dealer won’t help you since they can’t control who wins. This would only make you look immature. Instead, thank the poker dealer whether you win or lose. You wouldn’t be able to play without them.

8. Don’t Touch Other Players’ Cards or Chips

If you think another player forgot to post, tell them politely. But don’t touch their chips or cards. This is very rude. And other players may think you’re trying to cheat. Your chips should be visible at all times, with the most valuable on top of the chip stack.

9. Keep Your Phone on Silent

You can use your phone after you play. Using it during the game won’t allow you to pay attention. Also, turn your notifications off. Phone use will disturb the other players, who will think you’re wasting their time and not taking the game seriously.

10. Don’t Drink Too Much

A study concluded that a single drink can cause poor decision-making. Imagine what a couple can do. So don’t get drunk. You’ll make better decisions and enjoy the game more. Plus, it will be hard to keep proper poker etiquette if you’re tipsy.

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11. Keep Your Area Tidy

Keeping your area tidy helps you to focus. Don’t leave personal belongings or drinks on the poker table. And keep your chips and cards organized. This way, you’ll find the chips and cards you need more easily.

13. Don’t hit-and-run

collecting poker coins
Man collecting poker coins

Wait for the end of the current hand before you leave the table. Otherwise, you would disrupt the game. When you do leave, thank the other players and the dealer.

If you win a big pot in a cash game, don’t leave immediately. This is called a hit-and-run. It’s an unwritten rule to give your opponents a chance to win some of their chips back or at least play for some time.

What is the 7-2 game in poker?

Playing with a 7-2 hand in a Texas Hold’Em poker game is the worst. So poker players invented the 7-2 game, where everyone has to pay the player who bluffs and wins with a 7-2 hand. A 7-2 hand is when you have a seven and a two of any suit as your hole cards.

What are some poker sayings?

  • “Don’t tap on the glass”: bad poker players are called “fish.” And you’re not supposed to tap on the aquarium glass, or the fish will be scared.
  • “If there weren’t luck involved, I would win every time”: Phil Hellmuth is a great professional poker player, but he isn’t always lucky.
  • “As long as you’ve got a chip and a chair, there’s still hope”: never give up! Jack Straus won the 1982 World Series of Poker Main Event even after having only a single chip and a chair.
  • “The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be”: the casino expert Mark Pilarski says you need to practice to win.

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