Gentlemen’s Etiquette Rules (& How To Be Chivalrous)

Men's Etiquette
Men's etiquette is not only about having good table manners and being chivalrous. Grooming, dressing well, being polite online, being a charming date, and communicating clearly are also vital for a good image.

1. Dressing Etiquette

man confused about what to wear
Man confused about what to wear

Modern men should pay attention to the dress codes of each event. Going underdressed or overdressed is ungraceful. A black tie dress code won’t allow you to wear jeans like a casual dress code would. So have at least one suit for more formal events. For a charming and elegant look, you need to think of the outfit as a whole rather than a bunch of clothes.

Match your belt and shoes so the look seems well thought out. You can layer not only for winter but also for style. This will turn the most boring outfit into the most stylish one.

If you want this result, don’t be intimidated by colors. Some color details can make you stand out. Prints and patterns also help. Just avoid the childish ones.

One or two accessories will complete your look. It can be a watch, a necklace, or even your glasses. If you do wear them, make sure to pick glasses that go well with any outfit. But if you only wear sunglasses, don’t wear them indoors and at night.

For a nice finish, iron your clothes and polish your shoes. And, please, make sure your clothes fit!

2. Dining Etiquette

The table is the best place to show your good manners. Of course, you should participate in the conversation, but don’t be gross. Don’t burp, talk with your mouth full or eat with your mouth open. It’s also disgusting to use toothpicks on the table.

If you’re eating out, wait until everyone is served to start eating. If you’re at a dinner party at someone’s house, only start eating when your host does. There may be a prayer, so you’ll need to wait respectfully. A good rule of thumb is always to follow your host’s lead.

Have your napkin on your lap, and when dinner ends, place it to the left of your plate. When you want to get a dish from the table, always ask someone to pass it to you. And never use your own utensils to get food from the serving plate.

Another basic table manner is to finish swallowing before sipping your drink. Don’t cut all of your food or add seasoning to it if you haven’t started eating. And your elbows shouldn’t be on the table.

Show gratitude to your host by complimenting the food and tasting everything. A thank-you note also goes a long way. As for the bill, the person who invites usually pays. You can split the bill or go Dutch if you’re with friends. Either way, don’t fight over it. That’s not classy. And don’t forget to tip.

3. Conversation Etiquette

If you find it hard to start conversations, ask questions about the other person. However, It shouldn’t be like an interview. On the other hand, don’t monopolize the conversation; only talking about yourself. One thing should lead to another so the conversation flows.

A true gentleman also doesn’t interrupt other people. This only shows you are impolite and don’t care about what they say. Being on your cell phone while talking to someone in real life has the same effect. You should pay attention to what they’re saying and make eye contact.

4. Chivalry

man tipping his cowboy hat
old man tipping his cowboy hat

Knowing how to be a gentleman in modern times is the key. Young men usually forget about chivalry. But it can improve the relations in our daily lives.

Simple acts like offering to carry items, removing your hat at weddings, and opening doors for others are great ways to practice chivalry. The modern gentleman should be chivalrous to be respectful and honorable.

5. Social Media Etiquette

Social media may be virtual, but it has serious real-world impacts. Don’t forget there are other human beings behind the screen. So you can affect how people view you and hurt other people’s feelings.

To avoid negative outcomes, don’t overshare online. Some things are meant only for real life. You may also compromise privacy by posting locations, habits, and work information. So be careful about what you post in the digital world.

You can also use social media to build a personal brand. People will want to follow you if you share helpful advice about something you have mastered. Also, follow other people and interact with them. This can create professional relationships and opportunities for you in the future.

6. Business Etiquette

Being punctual is the best attitude of business etiquette. It makes people feel their time is valuable to you. Be respectful to your coworkers.

Speak quietly, and don’t swear at your workplace. Also, don’t trespass on others’ personal space. A firm handshake should be your only physical contact with your coworkers. And if you have a suggestion about someone, only say it if it is necessary and in private.

Listening to others before giving your opinion in meetings is always good. That way, you have all the information you need for an informed opinion. Study everything about the topic before giving a presentation. You never know when a know-it-all will ask you a thousand questions.

7. Travel Etiquette

Always remember actual people live in sightseeing spots. For you, it may be a simple touristic spot, but it is their home. So respect the local customs.

Be considerate to fellow travelers since you’re not the only one in a new place with new social situations. Respecting the airport, hotel, or transportation staff is important, even in bad situations.

8. Dating Etiquette

Wear your heart on your sleeve. It’s better to regret being rejected than to regret never trying. Being sincere when not interested in someone is also a great act of affective responsibility.

Dress well for first dates and be charming. The first impression is not always the only that counts, but it will determine if the other person will still want to see you.

Be careful with romantic gestures on special occasions. You may be invading the person’s personal space. A gentleman always asks for consent before doing anything.

Don’t break up over text. Don’t be a coward. Be an adult and have an honest face-to-face conversation.

9. Grooming Manners

Men also need to take care of their appearance. This is often seen as a feminine trait, but everyone should do it. Keep a grooming routine. This will make you look well put together.

First, take a shower to wash yourself. Then, shave your beard. Use sunscreen and a moisturizer afterward. Dry your hair and style it as you like. You can use hair pomade or gel to help with that.

Brush your teeth and floss. It will keep your gums healthy. The last step is your cologne. Don’t overdo it. You don’t want to drive people away from you. You can spray it on your neck and wrists.

10. Family Etiquette

Keep your family relationships healthy. Respect your family by using non-violent communication. That includes not screaming or raising your voice to show power.

Support them when they need you. Don’t say anything bad about your family or your significant other or ex-spouse to other people. This will break their trust in you and create a bad image.

Ana C.

Ana C. is an artistic writer who loves shaping language around her message. For her, etiquette is about respecting everyone and spreading kindness. She loves hanging out with goats, analyzing TV shows, and eating feijoada with farofa.

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