How to Support A Friend in a Hospital?

friend in hospital
Being there for a friend in the hospital doesn't mean just showing up. It's about respect, empathy, and understanding. Offer practical and emotional support and comforting gifts. Know and follow the hospital rules, respect their privacy, and keep visits brief but meaningful.

1. Stay Virtually Close

Staying connected virtually is not a substitute for your physical presence, but it’s a close second. It provides something medicine can’t – a sense of belonging, a feeling of love.

In this digital era, we’re blessed with many virtual communication tools. Video calls, for instance, are the next best thing to being there in person. A face-to-face chat will lift spirits, trigger smiles, and make your friend feel less alone. 

Then there are text messages, the quiet heroes of the communication world. A simple ‘Thinking of you’ text can light up their day. And a heartwarming letter in their inbox can be just what they need when feeling down.

2. Gift Ideas

When your pal is stuck in a hospital bed, a little token of your care and concern goes a long way in lifting their spirits. Gifts aren’t just physical items; they remind them of the love and support surrounding them. 

Something as basic as a beautiful bunch of flowers and a get-well card is good for starters. Their lively hues and the delightful scent will make the sterile hospital room more welcoming. It’s like gifting a piece of the outdoor world.

If your sick friend enjoys reading, books or magazines are a welcome distraction from the monotony of hospital life. It’s like handing them a ticket to a new adventure without leaving their hospital bed, providing a much-needed diversion in their routine.

You can also offer monetary support via gift cards. Self-care products or coloring books are also great gifts for hospital patients. A lip balm, lotion, and manicure will make a friend feel loved.

3. Assist With Daily Tasks

When your best friend is in a hospital bed, life outside continues. The day-to-day tasks they used to juggle now sit untouched. The dishes pile up, groceries need restocking, and errands need running. Here is where you should lend a helping hand. 

Maybe, while you’re at the store, you could pick up some groceries for them. Or, after your gym session, you could stop by their home to check on their family members. It’s not about becoming them; it’s about stepping in to help. This reduces their worry and allows them to focus on getting better.

4. Offer Emotional Support

man holding hand of a patient in hospital
Man holding hand of a patient in hospital

Being in the hospital can feel like riding an unexpected rollercoaster. One minute your friend might be fine; the next, they’re battling waves of fear, frustration, or boredom. But as a friend, you can be their rock.

It doesn’t take grand gestures or perfectly crafted words to ease their burden. The most uncomplicated acts of kindness will make a world of difference. The first thing you should do is to listen. Don’t give advice or solutions; create an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their fears, hopes, and frustrations.

Then, affirm their feelings. Remind your friend that being scared or frustrated during difficult times is okay. Never underestimate the power of your presence. It’s not about how long you stay, but how present you are during that time.

5. Mind Hospital Policies

When you visit a hospital, you’re not just entering a building. You’re stepping into a world with its own rules and policies. These policies are put in place to restrict you but to protect us and the people we care about. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of them. 

These rules matter whether it’s knowing when to visit or what items to bring. Asking the hospital staff about them is always a good move. After learning the rules, you should follow them. Respecting these rules is respecting your friend’s health and recovery.

6. Respect Personal Space

If you’re looking for ways to support a friend in the hospital, one thing to consider is respecting their privacy and boundaries. The world may feel smaller in a hospital, making their need for privacy even greater.

Avoid dropping in unexpectedly or giving unsolicited advice. Always ask them if they’re comfortable receiving visitors and respect their decision. Pay close attention to your friend’s needs and preferences. Supporting a friend in the hospital is about prioritizing their needs and respecting their boundaries.

7. Facilitating Communication

Amid the flurry of nurses, doctors, and medical terms, your friend finds himself lost, especially when dealing with the stress of being unwell. It is tough to keep track of every detail or even understand the medical language.

Here’s where your role as a friend becomes crucial. Your job is to be the bridge between your loved one and the healthcare team. You can take notes during doctor visits, ask for clarifications, and help your friend remember the details of their care plan.

8. Beyond Words

lady talking to hospital staff
Lady talking to hospital staff

When a friend is in the hospital, s/he deals with much more than just their health. A lot of paperwork and insurance matters make a tough situation even tougher. Stepping in to assist with these practical matters can be a lifeline.

Whether it’s filling out forms, coordinating with the insurance company, or just organizing the paper trail, your support will make a significant difference. They’ll be able to focus on their recovery instead of being weighed down by administrative tasks.

9. Provide Distractions

One of the most effective ways to uplift a hospitalized friend’s spirit is to provide distractions. Distractions are valuable because they provide a mental ‘getaway’ from the hospital setting.

Think about what movies your friend loves. Perhaps there’s a series they’ve been meaning to watch or a genre they particularly enjoy. They can lose themselves in a different world for hours, forgetting about the IV drips and hospital food.

Whether online or traditional board games, games can also be distractions. Engage your friend in a chess game, trivia challenge, or online multiplayer game. Playing them keeps your friend mentally engaged and stimulated.

Puzzles, too, are an excellent distraction. They might enjoy a crossword, Sudoku, or a jigsaw puzzle. This quiet activity can break the monotony and provide different mental stimulation.

10. Be Patient and Understanding

You know that old saying, “Patience is a virtue.” It couldn’t be more true to support a friend in the hospital. Combine patience and understanding, and you have a recipe to help your friend through their hospital stay. 

Offer a listening ear, share a comforting word, and stand by them throughout this journey. Being a friend in need means sticking with them through the highs and the lows.


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