12 Bridal Shower Gift Etiquette

Bridal shower gift etiquette
As a proper bridal shower gift etiquette, buy from the registry to respect her needs. Use the shower theme to gift what fits her lifestyle. If the present is too expensive form a group to stick to a budget. But give them cash, if the bride-to-be prefers it that way.

1. Stick to the Registry

Buying from the couple’s registry helps ensure your gift will be useful for the couple. They selected each item for their home. Note that she may also have a special bridal shower registry.

So if you buy off-registry, you risk buying something they already have or that another wedding guest bought.

The registry information is usually on the bridal shower invitation or wedding website. There you will find a plentiful of gift ideas for the happy couple.

2. Group Gifts

Group gifts are the best option to split the cost of something extra fancy. Bridal shower gifts are usually smaller than wedding presents, but you’re already spending big bucks on a wedding, so why not get some help?

After picking the group gift, you can either choose someone from the group to buy it or use a specific platform for this. For the first option, everyone will send money via Venmo, Cash App, or PayPal to one person. That person will make the order. You can divide the money contributions equally, or each person can give what they can.

Many online wedding registry platforms now have a special feature for group gifts. You can use them for safer and easier gift-giving.

3. Don’t Go Over Budget

Consider everything you’ll spend on the wedding to create a wedding shower gift budget since the wedding gift will be more expensive. Usually, you spend 40% on the shower gift and 60% on the wedding one.

Consider the registry items’ price, how much you can spend, and your relationship with the bride. So you’ll pick an item from the registry with a price you can pay that you think will be meaningful for her.

For example, bridesmaids, bridal party members, and family members will give more intimate gifts.

Don’t go overboard and give an extra expensive item. That may make the bride think she’s in debt to you and create an uncomfortable situation. Other shower guests may also think their gift wasn’t good enough.

4. Embrace the Theme

Pick a gift related to the shower theme, if it has one. For example, you’ll want to give cookware if it’s a cooking-themed bridal shower. If you already chose an unrelated gift, you can still stick to the theme by wrapping the gift in themed packaging.

The bride-to-be probably chose this theme because it’s meaningful to her. So she’ll love seeing your creativity in action.

5. Keep It Personal

You can craft or buy a personalized gift that fits her style better than any traditional bridal shower gift. She will truly value your effort.

For example, if you’re good at crocheting, gifting her handmade blankets will be way better than gifting store-bought ones. If that blanket has her favorite colors, couple names, a hobby allusion, or their wedding date, both bride and groom will love it even more. The possibilities of personalization are endless.

DIY gifts are the best bridal shower gifts because they’re personal. They become a symbol of your relationship and how much you know and care about the bride.

6. The Couple’s Lifestyle

The perfect gift will be useful for the couple’s lifestyle. Look into their hobbies and interests to find a suitable gift. For example, a couple with wanderlust will love a luggage set or a travel voucher. This shows how much thought you put into your gift.

7. Cash or Gift Cards?

handing over a gift card
Handing over a gift card

Giving gift cards is usually more appropriate than giving cash as a gift. Gift cards are better because you have to consider what store the bride would like. Cash is impersonal and can leave other people from the guest list feeling awkward about their budget.

But some couples include a cash fund on their wedding registry. This gives them more flexibility in choosing what to do with the money. It’s good bridal shower etiquette to give cash in these situations, and in situations you know the couple would appreciate monetary help.

8. Wrap It Up

Unfortunately, you can’t wrap gifts bought through the registry. But if you will bring your gift to the wedding shower, wrap it. This is an extra layer of care you can add to your gift.

If you know the bride’s favorite color, you should use it in the packaging. Or use the bridal shower theme. This will make your gift look way better and show how much you care.

9. To Bring or Not To Bring

guests with gifts for bride-to-be
Guests with gifts for the bride-to-be

You can bring the gift to the bridal shower as opposed to the wedding gift, which shouldn’t be brought on the big day. But if you buy through the registry, the gift will be shipped to the couple’s address.

One of the most popular bridal shower games is opening each gift. So if you can’t bring the gift or you sent it too late, bring a card to the shower mentioning it so the couple can know who gave it to them.

Should a bridal shower gift be for the bride or the couple?

The bridal shower gift usually focuses on the bride, as the name implies. But some weddings don’t have brides.

Also, it can be outdated to think of home gifts, which are what people usually give at bridal showers, as gifts for the woman. But it really depends on the couple since they have specific customs and desires.

What does the bride do with the money from the bridal shower?

The money from the bridal shower usually goes towards wedding expenses. The couple can also use it to buy home appliances or even buy a house.

Another way to use the money is on the honeymoon trip. But the bride can use the money however she wants since the whole purpose of it is to give her flexibility.

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